Confederate Statue Debate Has Been Great for Dallas, Believe It or Not

In the public space left open by the removal of the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from Lee Park, a new discourse has blossomed in the city. Hate to tell you — and I know this will make people mad on both sides, and I’m really only talking about Dallas — but this debate we’ve been having about the Confederate statues is absolutely the best thing we’ve done in Dallas in the 100 or so years I have been here grinding out newspaper columns about the city. If you took me back not too many years, I would never have believed this level of discourse was possible. Whether or not you believe me, this isn’t a big rah-rah war dance for either side. I think I can say that because, if recent memory serves, I have been on both sides. At first I was a leave-’em-aloner, and then…

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